The Goal 🎯

To help everybody introduce tasty plant-based meals into their diet.

Here at MeatFreed, we don’t believe in scare tactics.

We believe in


Our Vision and Mission

Accelerate the adoption of planet-friendly proteins for all cuisines and all cultures around the world so that planet-friendly proteins are the new normal.

We’re not here to shove a strict vegan lifestyle down your throat. We’re not going to show you sad pictures of animals. And we’re certainly not going to give you the environmental statistics that we’re all very aware of. 


In fact, that annoys us just as much as you. People should always have a say over what they choose to put in their own bodies, and if anybody comments on that,  they’re just annoying.

Why MeatFreed Exist

What we are here to do is nurture that teeny tiny ounce of curiosity within you that is wondering about all of the benefits that come with introducing a couple of plant-based meals a week. 

It could be an ounce. It could be a gallon. Either way, there is something for everybody, no matter where you are on your journey. 

Speaking of journeys, you might be wondering where all of this started.

Allow us to take you back to the beginning. 

First things first, meet the founders:

Mike Morris

"I was a meat eater for years with no desire to make the switch. However, once I discovered the facts, I was motivated to embrace a plant-based diet. That just goes to show that it is never too late to start! From going meat free for a day to switching out a meat pie for a veggie one on game day, every little helps!"

Patrick Huang

"I was mostly vegetarian for many years as an experiment for my health, animal welfare and the environmental impact. However, the wide choice of plant-based meat substitutes are helping me to transition fully! Now, I love turning classic dishes such as burgers and pizza into delicious plant-based meals."

Since MeatFreed’s founding in 2021,
we realised that too many people are all or nothing when introducing a plant-based lifestyle.

Meat eaters would tell us that they are worried about judgment, some would say that they didn’t want to miss out on their meaty favorites, and some would even tell us that they didn’t know enough about the lifestyle for a complete change.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we also came across those who loved their plant-based lifestyle. But the problem was that they didn’t have anybody to share it with. Or perhaps they would even run out of inspiration for their next meal. 


Heck, most of them were even somewhere in the middle.

Wherever you find yourself on our plant-based spectrum, you have found a safe space that includes foodie friends, yummy discounts and fresh meals. Because the truth is, we’re not here to convince you to stop eating meat. We’re here to inspire you to enjoy more plant-based meals. 

We hope you’re hungry

The best part about this is that we have partnered with dozens of plant-based restaurants all over the UK. That means you get 10% off your favourite food when you sign up with us.
Look, even if you’re just here for the discounts, we don’t blame you.
Here’s what’s on offer:

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Why planet-friendly proteins matter to us:

Better Land Use

Adopting a plant-based diet would reduce global agricultural land use from 4 to 1 billion hectares

Better for Animals

Producing plant-based proteins saves 20x more emissions compared to producing beef

Improved Health

Plant-based diets reduce your chance of heart disease by 20% or more

Plant-Based Love Letters

This section features heartfelt stories and testimonials from people who have seen the positive impact of plant-based lifestyle have had on their lives and health. Read on to discover why so many people have fallen in love with our plant-based offerings.

Meet Reem

‘I have always wanted to try a plant-based diet as it seems like something that would be very rewarding in the long run. However, I always felt like it was such a commitment to do so until I realised the accessibility and ease of it. Nowadays, it is so easy to find plant-based alternatives that it does not even feel like a lifestyle change, but rather minor tweaks.’

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