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Here at MeatFreed,
we have one significant thing in common...

We LOVE food. ​

No seriously, it's all we talk about 👀​

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We believe food is an experience

And that shouldn’t change when you go plant-based. 

Which is why we thought it was about time we introduced an online community to bring together those who are plant-based, are considering going plant-based or simply want to know more about the plant-based lifestyle.

Because we don’t know about you, but nothing quite gets us going like a new yummy recipe. 

In short, MeatFreed is the place to connect, share recipes, tell stories and enjoy great discounts on your favourite plant-based scran.

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Ready to join the coolest plant-based club in the world?

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But first, let's make something clear...

Nobody is stopping you from getting those late-night nuggets.

There’s no pressure on our end. Of course, we encourage you to make more plant-based choices, but we will never condemn you for enjoying a meaty meal.

After all, you know your body the best.

The truth is, to ignite a real difference, it’s about everybody making a small change. Not a small number of people trying to change everything.

Connect, discover and enjoy plant-based.

All in one place.

Sometimes, you just don’t know what to cook for dinner. Other times, just the idea of washing up can tire you out. From recipes to restaurant discounts, your plant-based queries will be squashed when you download the MeatFreed app.


The People’s Plant-based Platform

So, what can you expect from MeatFreed?

Delicious Recipes

And no, they don’t all include tofu. However, you’ll be surprised at how tasty it can be.

Inspiring Stories

We have people on our platform at all stages of their MeatFreed journey. Connect and listen to their stories and join in with the chat.

Everything you need to know about a plant-based diet

There’s a lot of info out there. That’s why we have condensed the need-to-know bits down to make your journey that little bit easier.

Discounts for your favourite restaurants

This one speaks for itself. We all love a little money off, right?

Access to exclusive events

From online webinars to in-person meet-ups, there is a tonne of events to help you on your journey.

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Ready to join the coolest plant-based club in the world?

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Incentives to choose your favourite plant-based restaurants

And if they’re not your favourite yet, they will be soon.

Plant-based restaurants are popping up all over the UK. Make the rounds and discover your new favourite dish with up to 10% off.

Plus, food always tastes better when it’s a bargain.

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The Goal

Sure, we could talk all day about the benefits of switching to plant-based, but that’s not what we’re here to do. We don’t want to push a new lifestyle onto you. We simply want to bridge the gap between tasty cuisines from all over the world and yummy plant-based meals.


We’re here to help you find a plant-based diet that fits your lifestyle.

How it works

Follow the steps below and join Meatfreed
The People’s Plant-based Platform

Step one:

Download the app. You can find us on Apple and Android.


Step two:

Tell us about you. Wherever you may be on your plant-based journey, we want to hear all about it. 

Step three:

Step three: Meet MeatFreed. Connect with people who are also on their plant-based journey. Who knows, you might make a meat-free mate for life?!


Step four:

Explore the benefits. From events to discounts, there are plenty of reasons you should join MeatFreed and take the first step towards a more sustainable future.

Connect with some familiar faces

See somebody you recognise? Connect with your favourite foodies and discover their go-to recipes, restaurants and advice.

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You’ve heard all about us, now we want to hear about you. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you only plan on introducing one plant-based meal a week, there is a place for everybody at MeatFreed!

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