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Who we are

MeatFreed is led by Patrick Huang and Mike Morris who are part of the June 2021 cohort with Launchpad at Falmouth University.

Our vision: Meat consumption and production has huge negative impacts on the environment, animals, and health for individuals and families. We aim to accelerate the adoption of planet-friendly proteins including meat substitutes across all cuisines and all cultures. 

Our mission: With our combined expertise in startup operations across industries and many years in TV/advertising, we are building a Cornish community that brings together: members (anyone from students to long-time residents) who want to explore the world of #plantbased dishes, restaurants and chefs who offer these dishes, and #plantbased brands who offer the key ingredients. 

What we offer: Members receive perks for exploring #plantbased such as discounts on ingredients and for dining out with exclusive access to events to meet others and connect directly with chefs and restaurants. Restaurants, chefs, and brands can directly engage with our members to drive their own community. 

Our traction: Although we are young, we have gained the support of over 20 restaurants that will offer perks starting Oct 2021, created our first pilot cooking show with Cornwall Kitchen through Cornwall Channel, and are scheduled to host our first cook-off show with local chefs at Philleigh Way (one of the top cookery schools in Cornwall). 

Our culture: We welcome those who are collaborative, dedicated, ready to listen first and challenge ideas, all while enjoying good food and good company!

Our Internships

As we are young and growing, we are excited to work with Falmouth University students across disciplines that are just as passionate about our vision as we are to build our community. 

We have shared both specific internship projects and our big strategic questions in case some students want to propose other projects.

Note: All basic requirements could also include your own personal/non-professional experience. The ideal requirements for all roles is 1+ years of experience for each bullet point. But even if you do not meet the ideal requirements, we are seeking first for passionate individuals who are dedicated to the project so go ahead and apply! 

Our community consists of members, restaurants and chefs, and plant-based brands.
We are interested in empowering students to share our message to others and build our membership together with our support.
For an internship project, we are seeking an intern to achieve the following:
  • Define experiments to creatively engage with students across all campuses
  • Run experiments by engaging with students and building our membership base
  • Share feedback about the effectiveness of experiments to then iterate on new experiments
  • Some experience in building relationships or rapport quickly 
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills 
  • Some experience in creative ways to engage with people

Our key partners are restaurants, chefs (as part of restaurants or chef owners of restaurants), #plantbased brands offering the key ingredients. 


  • Jointly identify potential partners for restaurants, chefs, and brands 
  • Jointly define strategy to conduct outreach for these partners 
  • Engage directly with these potential partners 
  • Communicate progress through our CRM 


  • Some experience in building relationships or rapport quickly 
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills 
  • Some experience in using systems like a CRM to communicate internally and track progress 
  • Some experience in the food industry is ideal but not required 

We communicate our messaging mainly through social media and our website. For now, we are managing our social by creating content and engaging with others on the various social media accounts. 


  • Jointly define content calendar across all digital channels 
  • Jointly define promotion calendar for all non-digital channels 
  • Recommend and create content related to calendars 
  • Manage or jointly manage our communication and content creation on our social media and website 


  • Some experience, including personal, in marketing or social media content creation 
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills  

Video content drives the most engagement and we have started to use video content to showcase our restaurants and chefs. 


  • Jointly identify opportunities to share our messaging through video content 
  • Recommend structure for video content 
  • Lead the creation of the video content with those in our community 


  • Some experience in video content creation (the technical bit like the proper use of a camera, lighting, video editing) 
  • Some experience in digital storytelling 
  • Some experience in building relationship or rapport quickly since you will need to communicate with our restaurant or chef partners 

Want a huge challenge? Take a look at our big questions below and propose a project that answers these questions related to your skills and interests.

  • How can we attract more restaurants or other local organizations into our community? 
  • How can we quickly build our membership base? 
  • How else can we continue to keep our members actively engaged with the community? 

Application Process

We usually work out of the Launchpad building on Penryn campus. We have found that working in person is a great way to brainstorm, bounce ideas off of each other, and quickly ask questions and get answers. We are open to some work done remotely based on your schedule (we do the same!) 

Since we work often with students, restaurants and chefs, we are also often in the field like going door-to-door to build our community of restaurants or filming a promotional video for a restaurant owner. For the full experience, you will likely need to join or perhaps lead some of these activities, all while enjoying great food and great company with passionate foodies! 

We are interested to hear from you as to how much that you want to commit. We have scope for much more and we are flexible on what works for you related to your level of interest, your availability, and your expertise. 

How to apply: Applicants who are interested should apply using the application form below. We look forward to reviewing your application!

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